Our History

The Story of Winning Technologies

Winning Technologies was founded in January of 2002 by Scott and Lynette Lewis in the basement of their home. This was during the height of the dot.com technology burst so people thought they were crazy to start a technology management company. However, Scott and Lynette have proven that with the right methodology and the right people, customers would quickly and easily see value in Winning Technologies.

Scott and Lynette felt strongly at the time that the age of technology services centered around the nuts and bolts of computer repair. They knew this was going to become less important due to the improvements in manufacturing processes reductions in the overall cost of hardware, and the quick pace of change in the business world and the overall technology industry. Although there is a place for the nuts and bolts companies, and that will never fully go away, and by the nature of our business we do perform the nuts and bolts work, technology is a business, and whether it is in-housed managed or outsourced the business side of technology is where you need to focus.

As Winning Technologies started to grow it was quickly evident that having a nationwide presence that would allow for regionally dispersed feet on the street was important to our client base. Winning Technologies now has offices around the country and internationally to support our worldwide client base.

Scott and Lynette quickly realized that based on our business methodology of EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT and ACCOUNTABILITY that in order to manage a technology management business, show value to our clients, and to track the many moving parts of Winning Technologies and our clients business, we needed a powerful software package to serve our clients. After an exhaustive search Scott and Lynette realized that in order to be successful, everyone regardless of role within the organization had to work out of the same piece of software. Our business software management tool is capable of managing all aspects of our business as well as our clients business.

Our software is a fully integrated package that provides the accountability that you want in a management tool around Human Resources, Calendaring and Scheduling, Parts Orders, Asset Management, Inventory, Lifecycle Management, Procurement, Project Management, Helpdesk and Support, Purchase Order Management, Document Management, Escalations, Customer Approvals, all of which our clients have access, reporting capability, history tracking and if you have an in-house IT person can track their workload and ticket management and seamlessly integrate and work with the Winning Technologies technical team.

As Winning Technologies became one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world one of the areas of concern that Scott quickly identified was reselling other products and services and putting a layer of confusion between the needs of the client and Winning Technologies was not a long term model for success. Scott has always felt that as our clients business partner we have to be able to control the frontend client service, and the backend technology backbone of the product without relying on another company to meet our goals and objectives of EXTREME CUSTOMER SUPPORT - NO EXCEPTIONS, NO EXCUSES!!

The Winning Technologies model of Education, Empowerment and Accountability forms the backbone for the Winning Technologies Group of Companies. Winning Technologies wholly owned subsidiaries of XpressHost LLC, which is a Cloud Colocation and Hosting company, Lingo Communications a telecommunications, VoIP, and low voltage cabling company, and Investigative Protection Services a security management, intrusion protection and data recovery company, the Winning Technologies Group of companies can control, manage, and support our clients entire needs without reliance on outside companies and services to meet our objectives.

The power of this model is often overlooked, but if you have ever been waiting on service, been involved in a finger pointing situation that has cost your business time, money and customers, you understand the importance of having control of the entire solution from the frontend to the backend. That is the real power of the Winning Technologies Group of Companies.

The explosion of success that the Winning Technologies Group of Companies has enjoyed around the world has been due to expanding the ownership of Winning Technologies and providing opportunities to our employees.

Tom Conboy joined the Winning Technologies Group of Companies as an equity owner in 2007 as Vice President of Business Development. Scott Lewis has said that, "without Tom our ability to grow our organization would have been more difficult. Tom came into Winning Technologies and taught us how to take our business to the next level. Tom has the same drive for success, passion for our clients as I do and Tom has not only become a great business partner and tremendous advocate for our clients he has become a lifelong friend"!

Brian Ivey became an equity partner in Winning Technologies in 2005. Brian was the first employee of Winning Technologies back when we were operating on hope and dreams of a bigger success. Scott and Brian worked together in Wichita, Kansas and built a trust and a friendship that has proven to endure through both good and bad and the many conflicts and stresses of building a business like Winning Technologies. Brian has earned his success through the same blood, tears, and pain as Scott and Lynette, and the growth of Winning Technologies would not have been possible without Brian.

The story of Winning Technologies is one of being success driven by dedication to the success of our clients. We have been committed to the core values developed by Scott from the very beginning of Confidence, Pride, Passion, Customer Loyalty, and Integrity. Our values have driven our commitment to being the best business partner for our clients, one who stands in the fight with them, won’t run away when there is trouble and will commit our own resources to ensure that everyone is successful. Winning Technologies understands the importance of Education, Empowerment and Accountability to our clients, and to ourselves. That combined with a highly talented technical team dedicated and committed to our clients success, no matter the obstacle, no matter what we have to do, will helps us succeed and achieve our goal of Extreme Customer Support... NO EXCEPTIONS, NO EXCUSES!

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