Extreme Customer Service
No Exceptions, No Excuses

At Winning Technologies, we set the bar high for our staff. We are constantly taking and processing feedback from users and clients to ensure that we continuously strive to archive the best user experience possible.

Our Quality Control Advocates play a critical role in our outsourced IT support and consulting services. They are our front line in oversight for our business and our clients. They are constantly tracking trends and data to ensure that we are hitting our internal goals for support as well as managing SLAs for each customer engagement. Along with internal trending, they work directly with our customers providing quarterly reporting, escalation management and problem resolution. It is through their consistent communication with clients that we can proactively anticipate additional business needs on an on-going basis.

The Winning Technologies Quality Control Advocates work directly for the CEO, Scott Lewis. Since their mission is to be the advocate for the client, their direct connection with Scott ensures they have the ability to dispatch additional resources nationwide and bring a higher level of urgency to meet expectations immediately.

What Our Customers Say

“Quick response time & the issue was repaired. Very professional service. The service exceeded expectations.”

Winning Technologies Customer

“I have never had a bad experience with Winning Tech. I have found every one of their techs to be knowledgeable and friendly. A+++”

Winning Technologies Customer

“I have worked with several people from Winning Technologies, and each time everyone is so friendly and helpful. Your techs are probably the best we have ever had, and so patient! Your administrative team is also always helpful and responsive. The process of turning in a ticket for assistance is so simple, and effective. Thank you very, very much for all that you do.”

Winning Technologies Customer

"I have had a number of challenges with my computer recently. Our tech was PHENOMENAL! ALWAYS professional! ALWAYS gives great service and NEVER seems preoccupied or rude even when there have been times I have unfortunately kept him late. He consistently gives exemplary service. Thank You so much!"

Winning Technologies Customer

Accountability, Transparency
and Quality of Service

Providing quality service is our #1 priority for all end-users we support. We provide on-going training to our technical staff around speaking at a user level. When technicians can talk with users in a way that helps them understand the issues they have then, users walk away from each experience feeling empowered on the technologies they are utilizing.

98.33% Satisfied and 98.82% Resolved - Quality of Service Surveys reporting from supported end users.

Quarterly Reviews of Winning Technologies Performance and ticket data.

Quality of Server surveys issued for every closed issue allowing constant feedback from users on how to better serve their needs.

Transparency through reporting - to help you hold Winning Technologies accountable for activity related to end user support tickets, project progress and asset tracking.