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Winning Technologies wants to help assist your company in becoming more compliancy aware. Our licensing experts will work with your business to determine if you are operating within the licensing compliancy models or if a program needs to be outlined and implemented to ensure you become software compliant.

We understand that businesses often underestimate the importance of software licensing and compliancy and do not fully understand the differences and options that are available for their installed software.

What is Software Compliancy and who is the BSA?

Software compliancy, or Software Asset Management, is implementing the integration of people, processes and technology to allow software licenses to be systematically tracked, managed and evaluated. The end goal is to reduce the costs and remove risks of owning and managing your software assets.

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The BSA, Business Software Alliance, is the legal enforcement organization for software compliancy. 

They do everything from tracking, monitoring, prosecution of software violations, and collecting fines and penalties for software non-compliancy for BSA members. In addition to the BSA, software vendors can audit directly.

Software vendors are constantly under pressure to grow revenue. As a result, there has been an increase in the level of software license compliance audits initiated by vendors. If your company is audited and found non-compliant, that could equate to penalties in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Compliant or Non-Compliant?

Determining software compliancy can be difficult. You have to determine and prove that you have legally acquired, configured and are utilizing genuine copies of all of your copyrighted software. In addition, you have to ensure your company is doing so in accordance to the licensed terms set by the copyright holder.

Non-compliance is either the intentional, or the unintentional misuse of copyrighted software assets.

Many factors can contribute to non-compliance:

Poor Documentation Management
Internet Piracy
Ineffective Policies
Software Rental
Soft Lifting

Complex Metrics
Bundled Suite Breaking

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