Cyber Security is Protection that Every Business Needs

Why does your business want to invest in Cyber Security immediately? Because 75% of cyber attacks target small and medium size businesses that haven't implemented a cyber safety plan and the results can mean a data breach, fines, litigation, ruined reputation, and potential bankruptcy.

Most businesses are under the impression that they don’t “have” anything hackers would want and they couldn’t be more wrong.  Hackers could be after a number of things once they have access to your system, some of which are obvious but others may surprise you.

A hacker’s target could be employee or customer records for identity theft, your companies banking and/or credit card information, company contacts and email addresses that can be sold on the black market.  These are the obvious targets so let’s go over the ones you might not have considered.  Your business’s very own data could be used against you as ransomware.  This is when a hacker gets access into your system and takes control of all your data holding it hostage until you agree to pay a ransom.  Another target for hackers is your system itself.  Something your business has that most hackers don’t is very high computing power.  In some cases when a system is hacked it is so the hacker can use the systems abilities to attack another business’s system or to set up a web server that can distribute illegal software, ransomware, Crypto viruses, etc.

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The days of relying on just an antivirus and standard cyber security features are gone.

Today's businesses can no longer simply rely on an antivirus and standard security features. Cyber-attacks have reached a level that requires multi-leveled protection and monitoring. The issue has progressed beyond the standard features and the average IT technician.

Your business needs protection from ransomware, viruses, spam and encryption- and these threats are constantly evolving to get around security. Give Winning Technologies a call today at 877-379-8279 and let us help you protect your valuable data.

Winning Technologies Cyber Security includes:

  • Off Site Backup
  • Incorporating Security Policies & Procedures
  • Employee Security Training
  • Intrusion Detection Monitoring
  • Internal Network Security Monitoring
  • Internet Security Products

Cybersecurity AI

Winning Technologies is a value-added reseller for Darktrace. Darktrace is a cybersecurity tool that uses machine learning to detect cyberattacks in real time.

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