The Right Selection of Business Software Counts

Winning Technologies understands the importance of selecting the right business software, for the right reasons, that in turn helps your business succeed.


Business software selection can be very difficult and it can create a lot of confusion within organizations. Especially around determining how to measure the selection process against the business objectives you are trying to achieve.

In most cases, companies select software based on emotional reactions, and statistically the last vendor to present their software will win the deal. These are not good reasons to select a piece of software!

Winning Technologies has a business software selection process that turns your companies search and evaluation into a mathematical equation that levels the playing field for all vendors.

Our process accounts for the strengths and weaknesses of each package, and it removes the emotional impact of the selection. This positions your organization to select the software based on company needs, required features and workflow of your business.

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Software is one of the highest costs of ownership and lowest return on investment in the technology industry.

A typical organization only selects software once every 7 years but we are always in constant search mode for our clients. This allows us to get to know the vendors, software packages, and we have refined the process to ensure that the software selected is actually going to increase productivity, streamline processes and improve profitability all while maintaining a low cost of ownership and increasing return on investment.