Every business needs a Disaster Recovery plan.

A disaster can strike at anytime. Fires, floods and even sabotage could damage or destroy your network system costing you money, lost productivity and perhaps lost customers. How quickly would your business be able to recover if an IT disaster happened to you?

Winning Technologies Disaster Recovery Team is fully committed to help you create a business continuity plan which will help you recover from all kinds of disasters.

A disaster recovery plan helps organizations avoid being nonoperational because of power outages, cyber attacks or hardware failures. Every minute counts when applications and systems go down. It translates into lost production, lost revenue and even lost customers. A disaster recovery plan also ensures that remote offices and branch locations are considered so when a catastrophe occurs, they are also protected.

Do You have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

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Who experience a disaster never reopen.


That lose their data for 10 days go bankrupt within one year.


Of data loss is
due to human error.

Water/Storm, Fire, Mass Virus, etc:

We’re here to help your business plan for as well as recover from both man made and natural disasters.

We have numerous years of experience in data recovery as well as protecting your critical data against the many threats that exist.

  • Data Recovery
  • Electronic Forensics
  • Network & System Rebuilds
  • System Clean-Up

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