Technology Auditing & Strategic Planning

Winning Technologies recognizes that in today’s competitive business world, the technology you implement must be flexible, manageable, and supportable.   - Most importantly, it should be relevant to the needs and future growth of your business.

Today, with increasing compliancy issues, regulatory issues and tight budgets, knowing what you have and where you are going is critical for business success. Winning Technologies business methodology is based around your business model utilizing an international technology management standard CoBIT. The CoBIT standard, which is supported by the ISACA, revolves around a modeling process to determine how businesses select, implement, manage and support technology initiatives within their company.

As businesses audit financials and processes around their financial management, often they overlook the importance of knowing and understanding, on a management level, the importance of Technology Auditing and Strategic Planning.

The Winning Technologies Technology Audit takes an objective look as outlined by the CoBIT standard at more than 21 business impacting areas. We use this to outline your implemented technologies, make recommendations on areas of concern, and to develop a 3-to-5 year strategic plan and budget.

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The Winning Technologies Advantage

The CoBIT standard requires that audits be objective, support a business model and are written in plain English. The Winning Technologies Technology Audit is designed to be a business management tool, to show you what you don’t know about your technology and to take the fear out of what you may or may not know about how your business is using, managing and supporting your technology initiatives.

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