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Running a business requires a lot of time and attention. To keep up in every aspect from finances, equipment, inventory, employees, compliancy, etc. a business must be organized.  Some executives may think they have everything in place but when faced with the unexpected, they find that they are not and don’t know where to start. To help our clients with keeping their business organized, Winning Technologies created the Asset Management Division that consists of our Procurement and PCS divisions. We make sure that your company's assets are used in the most efficient manner.

Procurement Division

Winning Technologies Procurement Department will assist in finding the right equipment, tools, and software needed to run your business.

We work to get the most competitive pricing, and implement your new computer/software assets.

Our Procurement team will work side by side with our network engineers to help select which devices and software will work best for you company and complement your network.

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Pre-Configuration System (PCS) Division

Winning Technologies will also save you time with our Pre-Configuration System (PCS) Division. Once you have chosen which tools best suit your company’s needs, our PCS department will place an order, receive hardware directly from the manufacturer, and configure it specifically to your company’s specifications.

This includes installing software, anti-virus, setting user passwords, and placing device settings to your company’s requirements.  The PCS department will also image your device for easy replication in the event you wish to deploy additional items of the same specifications.

Tracking Your
Business's Assets

Winning Technologies knows that in order to run a successful business, companies must have the ability to track assets.  With our Asset Management program, customers can manage assets, budgets, lifecycles, compliancy, purchase information, replacement models, licensing, and warranty claims through the Winning Technologies Helpdesk System.

If your company chooses to have Winning Technologies perform a Technology Audit, we will be able to locate and make a record of your current assets.

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