Protection through Cloud-Integrated Data Backup

Backing up your personal or business data files is essential in today's world. All too often people and companies have lost valuable information due to system crashes, computer viruses, fires, etc.

By using a data backup plan, you are storing a copy of your files in a safe and separate location. This way, if your computer or server experiences any loss of files, you will still have access to these same files in your online backup. You can then easily restore your lost files and put them back to your computer from these backup sources.

Online Backup Solutions: XpressStor & XpressVault

The XpressStor server provides a reliable, stable, local data backup for quick restorations, along with offsite replication to the XpressHost data center. Learn more about XpressStor

Protect your valuable computer files by automatically storing encrypted copies in our secure XpressVault Data Center. Learn more about XpressStor

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