A Full Service Telecommuications Provider and Reseller

We help you evaluate your telecom needs and requirements, contact and negotiate the best pricing, and coordinate and manage the installation and support of the circuits.

Winning Technologies knows how frustrating dealing with phone companies can be. In order to expedite the telecommunication and support needs of our clients, Winning Technologies started Lingo Communications a full service Telecommuications provider and reseller. Winning Technologies goal is to take responsibility and be accountable for interfacing directly at a higher level with the telecommunications companies and alleviate that burden from our clients.

Winning Technologies, through Lingo Communications, will evaluate your telecommunications needs and requirements, and work directly with the providers in your area to provide you with options, price competitiveness and then assist in the negotiation of your telecommunications contract.

Telecom Services Include:

T1 Service


Bonded T's

Cable Modem


Hosted Voice Over IP Service

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