Disaster Recovery

Disaster Can Strike at Anytime.
How quickly would your business recover?

That experience a disaster and never reopen
That lose their data for 10 days go bankrupt within one year.
Data loss due to human error
Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Fires, Floods and even Sabotage could damage or destroy your network system costing you money, lost productivity and perhaps lost customers.

Winning Technologies Disaster Recovery Team is fully committed to help you plan for and recover from all kinds of disasters: weather, power, hardware failure, software failure, fire, water, sabotage, theft, etc.

software selection

The Winning Technologies Advantage

The Winning Technologies Group of Companies is a single source provider who is not a reseller of others products but owns the products from the backend to the frontend. We will help you develop a disaster recovery and business continuation plan, along with data security products, online backup products, colocation and cloud services all from Winning Technologies.

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